MT Voter Registration Portal
The portal is currently closed, but you can still register to vote! In Montana, you can register to vote up until - and even on - Election Day.
Why is the portal closed? We want to make sure your voter registration form is processed before the Nov 3rd Election. So, we’ve temporarily closed the portal. We’ll be back up and running after Election Day. 

Oct 26th: Mailed forms must be received by your county elections office no later than Oct 26th. As it gets closer to the October 26th deadline, your county may prefer for you to drop off your registration form in-person so you can pick up a ballot at the same time.

Oct 27th: Late registration begins. You must register in person at your county’s designated location

Nov 3rd: Election Day. You can register and vote as long as you are in line by 8pm. You must register to vote at your county's election office or a designated satellite election office. Find your county election office here.



Get your ID ready. You will need your Montana Driver's License or ID number, or the last 4 digits of your social security number. You can also use a copy of another identity document such as a Tribal ID. 


Print and Send Your Form. You can complete and print the voter registration form here. Sign and date it, and return it to your county elections office. Because of COVID-19, some elections offices will even let you email the signed form. Call your county elections office to determine the best way to return your form. As the election approaches, your county elections office may prefer for you to turn in your form in person, so that you can pick up your ballot at the same time.


Register in-person. You can also register to vote at your county elections office. In fact, starting October 27th, it’s required. In-person registration is available up to - and even on - Nov 3rd. Click here for a list of registration locations. Don’t forget to take your ID!